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What Do You Wear to Fashion Week? Bloggers Discuss

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[Fashion Week Outfit Spreadsheet via Fabsugar]

Deciding what to wear to Fashion Week is sort of like deciding what to wear to someone else's wedding: It doesn't really matter, since unless you're famous nobody's going to be looking at you, and yet it feels like it matters a lot. Over at New York Magazine, the Fug Girls wisely counsel, "Short of dressing up as a leprechaun or lighting yourself on fire, you'd have to work super hard to stand out as the best- OR worst-dressed person in the room. When there's a woman in a bedazzled fur turban making the rounds, your skirt is beside the point, so just relax and ogle." Then again, their definition of "relax" involves packing "a gallery of heels in various heights."

Similarly, Fabsugar describes her Fashion Week aesthetic as "a mix of minimalism and California laid-back style," which she plots on a speadsheet in a very minimalist and laid-back California kind of way. Only Lynn Yaeger at the Village Voice seems genuinely relaxed: Her recommendations include Zara knock-offs and $40 Aldo flats.
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