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Verdict: Brooklyn Trader Joe's is Boring

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We mean this in the best possible way: The new Trader Joe's store that opened on Friday at 130 Court Street in Cobble Hill is just a boring old grocery store. Nothing more, nothing less. Look, what we New Yorkers know of Trader Joe's comes (mostly) from our experiences at the tiny 14th Street store, which is such a brutal place to shop. Not so in Brooklyn, where locals push their little red carts around spacious lanes in relative peace. Lost City, who stopped in this morning, writes: "A crowd of about two dozen was gathered outside, somewhat impatiently waiting for the doors to open at 9 AM. Once they did get in, however, everything was quite civilized, and there was none of the hurriedness and frenzy associated with the Union Square store (which, my sources tell me, is the busiest Trader Joe's in the nation)." Brooklyn, you've won this round.
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