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Storecasting: Ralph Lauren Bleaches Bleecker

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In the continuing saga of L'Uomo's old space on Bleecker, new tenant Ralph Lauren Purple Label has completed a surprisingly speedy (and all-white) renovation of the space. Taking a closer look at our sneaky interior shot, we can see them already placing tchotchkes like candelabra and statuettes, which will soon cuddle up to $2,000 corduroy blazers and $400 Hamish Bowles-style sunglasses.

Notice that the interior is completely white, as is the storefront. Those tiles revealed last month are again forgotten, and this corner next to Marc Jacobs stands out like a sore thumb among other storefronts which aim to blend in with the area's quaint character. With progress this far along, we should see an opening well before holiday shopping revs up.

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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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