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Starbucks Preps for the Polls with Free Infographics

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[Photo via Flickr/ anthonybrown]

You can bet that with the dropping temperatures and the resulting rise in hot beverage sales, Starbucks won't be passing out more coupons anytime soon. Instead, look for in-store handouts of "GOOD Sheets," leaflets produced by GOOD Magazine that aim to explain world crises with attractive bar charts and pie graphs.

Since the idea actually emerged from the giant internet comment box that is, you can expect the motivation to be a touch political. Says Ben Goldhirsch, founder of Good: "... hopefully come the election in November, I hope the content we've brought to the American public will see an informed populace head to the polls."

We found the handouts sparsely available at several Chelsea Starbucks locations and even caught the unthinkable: people actually giving them a look-see. Keep an eye open for eleven weeks of GOOD Sheets, with three already released: CO2 Emissions, Health Care and Illegal Immigration.
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