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Live at the Trader Joe's Brooklyn Opening: Rainy Day Doesn't Deter Diehard Shoppers

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It's the dawn of a new Trader Joe's and all day long, Racked will be on the scene in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn to document the insanity. Feel the excitement.

8:28am: I'm here. It's kind of tragic. There are maybe ten people in line, all wet.

8:31am: A woman just came down the line handing out gingerbread cookies. She says the festivities will be inside. Whew. Apparently the band is already in there.

8:32am: Passersby are staring at those of us in line like we're batshit crazy. Do they not understand the significance of this day?

8:36am: I see a man in a Hawaiian shirt. He looks cold.

8:41am: Cookie review: it wasn't bad. I think I heard the guy in line behind me ask for another one for his dog.

8:42am: The line is really diverse—no common denominator in terms of age, gender, ethnicity. Guess Trader Joe's love crosses all boundaries. By the way, I don't see any strollers out here.

8:45am: Marty [Markowitz] sighting! He came down the line in a trenchcoat yelling "You people are nuts!" and shaking hands.

8:47am: Line has gotten long, or at least longer. Goes to the end of the block. Behind me is a guy reading a textbook on federal income tax. In the rain. In a non-moving line. Bet he's having an awesome time.

8:55am: A bunch of TJ's employees just came out to gawp at us. One surveyed the line and yelled, "This is madness!"

8:58am: Line is now around the corner. Only minutes to go!

9:01am: It's ridiculous out here. They just gave us a bunch of those TJ's recycled shopping bags and people are cheering.

9:07am: A woman's giving a speech. Can't hardly see her for all the umbrellas. They really couldn't do this inside?

9:08am: More cheering.

9:13am: I'm in! TJ's employees in trademark Hawaiian shirts are applauding people as they file in. They're handing out tickets that can be redeemed for fifty dollar gift certificates. The steel drum band is very festive. Also: first stroller sighting.

9:22am: It's chaos in here. I'm hiding in the meat section. You now how insane it is at the 14th Street store? Imagine that, plus a steel drum band. Everyone is grocery shopping like crazy now. Staffers are handing out orange chicken along with the gingerbread cookies.

Photos from inside the store, and details on all the tasty samples, this way.

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