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Macy's Builds the Kids a Rec Room in the Basement

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Poor Macy's. The company has seen the way the kids go crazy for Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch, and they really want tap into that market, but it's hard when the youth mostly know you as the store where Santa Claus hangs out. So they're doing what legions of parents have done before them when confronted with surly teenagers: They're remodeling the basement.

According to Fortune, Macy's is working on a plan to turn the cellar of their 34th Street flagship into a teen lounge, give it a separate entrance, and "create a club-like atmosphere...complete with dim lighting and pulsating music." They might also install a Wii down there, and maybe a ping-pong table if everybody keeps their grades up. Actually, we kid, but department stores have a time-honored tradition of putting the juniors department somewhere far removed from parents, and sometimes it works. Fortune cites Bloomingdale's Soho and Miss Selfridges (an off-shoot of the British department store Selfridges) as successful precedents.
· Macy's quest for the fountain of youth [Fortune]


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