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Above the Fray: Earnest Sewn Sale is Earnestly Good

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When you finally emerge from the Hermès sale, disheartened that $600 won't even get you a blouse, may we suggest popping over to another, more affordable sale happening this week at Earnest Sewn in the Meatpacking District?

In a bare-bones space a few doors down from their regular store at Washington and Gansevoort, Earnest has dragged out boxes full of their to-die-for denim. Most styles can be had for $60 each, and buying three or more of anything happily brings the prices further down to $50 an item.

Although the sale started last Saturday, there is still plenty of stock in terms of size and wash for both men and women. Our favorites included a soft denim dress and a men's über-dark tailored jean jacket.

Sniff around beyond the boxes to find Hunter Wellies for $60, kids clothes for $50, Billykirk leather wallets for $60-$38, Havaianas for $10 and books of all genres and price points. Spend $600 here and you've got several seasons' worth of quality everyday wear.
· Dealfeed: Earnest Sewn [Racked]


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