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Launches & Releases: Patricia Field's SATC Collection for HSN Debuts

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In case you forgot to mark it on your calendars, yesterday was a big day for the Home Shopping Network as their collaboration line with Patricia Field went live on air and online. Called "Destination Style New York," the 50 pieces are marketed at those suburb-dwellers who need to watch an episode of Sex and the City before they go to bed each night.

It's just too bad we can't get a good look at any of the outfits and Noir accessories, what with the models' anti-gravity hair, painted faces and on-the-street-corner poses to distract us. Even the redhead, who obviously is meant to embody the Carrie character, channels more of a Dynasty-era Joan Collins/ Debra Messing hybrid.

While the outfits are designed to represent a fun-loving New York City girl who eschews trends, instead we're totally getting a MILF vibe. Check out the black sequin mini with the plunging back for instance; sure, it's very Samantha, but only at her cheapest. Perhaps the Vogue subscription with purchase will help open some eyes. We love you Patricia, but really what is up with that green-and-purple floral nightmare?
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