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RackedWire: American Apparel Billboard Disappears from L.E.S; No Home Delivery at Brooklyn TJs

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Notice anything different about the above photo? Oh, that's right—there's no one half-naked on the billboard above the bakery! After nearly a year, American Apparel took down the ad that used to dominate the corner of Allen and Houston Streets, in which an awfully young-looking girl posed in a leotard and opaque tights. The ad went up in October 2007, replacing a different, much-criticized AA photo of a model wearing little more than see-through hose (apparently the transparency made all the difference—well, that and the toplessness.) What form of nubile hipster depravity will take its place? Only time will tell. [RackedWire]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—The bad news: Brooklyn's Trader Joe's will not be making home deliveries. The good news: "At this weekend's opening of Trader Joe's in the landmark bank building on Atlantic Avenue at Court Street, the first 100 people on line will get PRIZES." That caps-lock is pretty enticing, but we'd happily trade prizes for home delivery. Oh Trader Joe's, please don't disappoint us before you even open! [OTBKB]