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Collabs: Norma Kamali Brings Wal-Mart to Manhattan

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Photos Femia, 09/22/2008

We're generally happy that New York City is still without a Wal-Mart, but when we heard that designer Norma Kamali has created a line for the chain we were a little jealous for suburban shoppers. But thankfully, no Zipcar rentals are necessary to see Kamali's low-priced Wal-Mart separates. The designer's store at 11 West 56th Street has just received a shipment of samples from the collection so shoppers can stop in and order what they like to be Fedexed to their apartment. The line, filled with staples like suits, tees, skirts, and dresses, is priced from $10 to $20 per piece (salesperson: "You can buy a whole pinstriped suit for $15") and comes in sizes small, medium and large. The clothing will eventually be available online, but for now you have to go in to the store to browse. The collection's in the window now, with a $20 black sweetheart black dress and $10 black leggings flanking a high-end $2,500 red satin dress.
· Norma Kamali [Official Site]