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The Sincerest Form of Flattery: J.Crew, Nine West Borrow from Gossip Girl, Louis Vuitton

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[Louis Vuitton, left, and Nine West, right; images via Modelizing]

New trend for fall: Running out of ideas. The writers at excellent new blog Deep Glamour noticed that J.Crew's fall catalog features a long sequence of Blairs and Serenas out on the town. It makes sense that the Crew would borrow from Gossip Girl, given their similar target audiences; less logical, and more embarrassing, are the new Nine West windows, which bold-facedly steal from Louis Vuitton's recent window display. Both feature candy-colored neon rods that make the shoes and bags look sort of like they're at a disco, and sort of like they're in a high-tech fridge. Out of context, the Nine West windows would look pretty good, but if you saw Louis Vuitton this summer, you know they did it so much better.
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