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John Derian for Target Inspires Lust, Panic

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[Image via Apartment Therapy]

John Derian's Victorian, slightly spooky decoupage work sold out fast at the Target Bullseye Bodegas, so we suppose it's not a surprise that it's causing similar freak-outs now that it's in Targets proper. Still, this cry for help from the Brooklynian message board seems particularly dire:

"Please don't laugh. I need help. I've been to Targets in 3 states NJ, PA and upstate NY. I promised the Missus that we could stop and pick up this stuff anywhere. Problem is even the yokels are buying this stuff up. Has anyone had any luck at our local Target at 8 am in getting this stuff? The fucking tray with the bird is what I need to get back inside. Anyone know when they restock? The out of town places only do it Sunday nights. Please!"
Curious about what kind of decoupage work could cause this degree of desperation? Apartment Therapy has some good pictures.
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