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Ad on Wheels: POM's Brown Beetle

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POM is a brand generally known for introducing the deli-going world to rotund $6 bottles of pomegranate juice, but the company is now trying its hand at caffeinated beverages. Their POM iced coffee drink doesn't "include or taste like pomegranate juice" (according to a press release), but does feature caffeine and "healthy antioxidants" and comes in two flavors, cafe au lait and chocolate. Strange, right? Even stranger is this POM Iced Coffee VW Beetle, spotted near the Time Warner Center on Saturday by crack Racked photo guy Will Femia. There's a big POM coffee drink growth on top (watch those low tunnel clearances) and the vehicle has big, bugged out eyes. When can we get a test drive?
· POM Wonderful(R) Introduces POMx(TM) Iced Coffee [Yahoo! Finance]