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RackedWire: Free Juvederm Injections at the U.S. Open; Gristedes Stiffs Workers

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[Photo of Arthur Ashe stadium via nayrb7/Flickr]

FLUSHING—Is fretting over the U.S. Open giving you frown lines? Don't worry; the Juvederm tent at Arthur Ashe stadium is handing out coupons for two syringes (or about $1200-worth) of the Botox-like treatment. Juvederm and Botox are actually owned by the same company, but the former is a gel, unlike the latter. It's often injected into smile lines to fill them out again, making it a perfect treatment for that old ailment, tennis mouth. [Newsday]

NEW YORK CITY—Grosstedes, as the kids call it, just lost a court case alleging that it neglected to pay overtime wages to 400 workers. The next step: A follow-up case to determine how much exactly the supermarket chain owes. "The workers will seek nearly $15 million in back pay and damages for salaried employees and $10 million for hourly employees," according to Crain's, which notes that Gristedes once to operate 148 stores but is now down to 34. There's another court case simmering in which workers have accused the chain of discriminating against women. Perhaps owner John Catsimatidis hasn't chosen the most auspicious time to consider running for mayor. [Crain's]