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In the Window: Fall's Must-Have Look is Compost Heap

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Strolling up Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue in Midtown, it's quite apparent that retailers are sighing with relief for the arrival of fall; the temperatures are dropping and thus all the summer window displays can finally be replaced by the more opulent fall windows, with their pricey leather jackets and fur coats. From Brooks Brothers up to Burberry, we gazed in at the new stock and noticed a recurring theme: suits and more suits, capped off by a statement coat looking like the compost pile character from Fraggle Rock.

Thank god for Barneys New York, whose no-nonsense Moncler windows reminded us that yes, it is perfectly fine to get through the season with a sensible coat and without swathing ourselves in shades like "persimmon" and "gamboge." Viva Simon Doonan.
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Barneys New York, Madison

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