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Almost Open: Old Hollywood Glams Up Greenpoint

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Brooklyn Based brings word that Old Hollywood, the Greenpoint vintage shop owned by Catbird buyer Tiffany Porter, will finally open this Saturday. The store, at 110 Meserole between Manhattan and Leonard, does vintage three ways: 1) Actual clothes from bygone decades, at totally reasonable prices ($40 for sweaters, $60 for dresses); 2) vintage-inspired pieces by local designers like Digby & Iona, Brooklyn Royalty, and Jezebel; and 3) custom dresses made from '50s-era fabric and patterns.

Her Catbird pedigree means Porter knows what Williamsburgers want to wear, and it seems like she knows how they want to shop, too. Says Brooklyn Based: "Old Hollywood has a boudoir feel with a comfy brocade loveseat and vintage knicknacks lining the shelves and side tables, including a small collection of pastel radios. Because it’s open till 10pm, later than most shops, Porter hopes people will come and browse before starting their night. 'You can come buy a necklace, have a beer, and then go to a bar,' she says." Finally, a way to fill that hour between dinner and beer time!
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Old Hollywood

250 Broome Street, New York, NY 646 454 0166 Visit Website