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Discontinued: 'Burg Boutique Ylli Turns into Apts and Lofts Office

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[Image via New York Magazine]

Williamsburg boutique Ylli quietly shut its doors in July, raised the collar of its Gryphon trench coat, and slunk off into the night, leaving us to wonder what might be going on within its 6000-square-foot space. After all, the location was not only enormous but well-placed for 'Burg shopping, one block off Bedford Avenue at N.10th and Driggs, and the store, though not exactly cheap, seemed to be doing just fine. Were they renovating? Rearranging? Shuttering?

Well, now we know. Ylli's gone—even its e-commerce site is down—and real estate firm Apts and Lofts just moved into the space from its old home down the street at 482 Driggs Avenue. That spot is going to become a spa. And people looking for cute clothes for under $300 will have to go to Jumelle, or Noisette, or Otte, or...
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