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Barneys Gets Tailored

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Barneys wants to capitalize on the rising interest in men's made-to-measure suiting with a new suite on the seventh floor of the department store's Madison Avenue flagship. "Noting that this is 'an area where no ready-to-wear will hang,' [executive VP Tom] Kalenderian said this is 'very new' for Barneys. 'In the past, we would do made-to-measure at a desk within rtw,' he said. 'But now there will be four independent spaces that are connected but not designed as one room.' The first 'and most important,' he said, is the 'library,' where customers can sit at a desk and sift through fabric choices 'in a quiet, contained setting. It’s not behind closed doors; there’s a glass wall, so it’s private but you can still see in.'” [DNR]