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On Site: Kesh's LES Show Too Tame

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Fashion Week has the unique ability to turn a non-event into an event, and so was the scene at Kesh's menswear show on Friday night. The event, which was held in the heart of the Lower East Side at 329 Broome Street, took more than an hour to get under way and then lasted only a few minutes.

The invite touted Kesh as a designer of clothes like "MIA for guys!;" the pieces, however, were much less neon and patterned than the singer's style. There were some unusual details (Pleated waistbands on men's shorts? Let's see that trend catch on.) but for the most part, the collection was surprisingly tame. The pièce de résistance, a pseudo-Native American poncho, was as anticlimactic as the uncharacteristically short show itself. In fact, the most exciting part of the evening came after the show, when two middle-aged women got in a fight that ended with thrown drinks. The attacker later admitted that the victim was a friend who had given her bad directions which caused her to be late. Other than that, the standing-room-only crowd seemed generally pleased and eagerly made their way to Happy Endings for the after party, where Dave 1 of Chromeo DJ'ed.
—Noah Adler