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Chris March Pegs Korto as Project Runway's Fifth Winner

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Chris March is a skilled designer and a highly entertaining reality TV contestant, but we think he might have found his true calling as a blogger. His posts about Project Runway for Elle's website are funny and honest-verging-on-bitchy, and his most recent, about last Friday's runway show, is pretty much the greatest thing on the Internet today. Why? Let us count the reasons:

1.) If anyone ever gave him any media training, he's totally ignoring it. On the show's missing guest judge: "Heidi comes out to the highly anticipating crowd to make the announcement that Jennifer Lopez, the scheduled special-guest judge, has hurt her foot and will not show up. Really? Did anyone see the photos of her on a bike participating in some sort of triathlon thing, like, 24 hours later? Ooops."

2.) Relatedly, he's awesomely candid about the move to Lifetime: "Heidi was visibly pissed, and went on to thank Bravo and the Magical Elves (the production company that started the show) for all their great work over the last 5 years, but guess what? We're moving to Lifetime anyway." (Later, he adds "After this offering, who knows if Project Runway will last a Lifetime?")

3.) He delivers the definitive statement on what's so wrong with boring, competent Joe: "Joe proves once again that he's straight. To the bargain bin. This rodeo-Americana-flag waving Ralph Lauren for Walgreen's collection, while well made, was so COMPLETELY off the mark in the fashion world it was inconceivable. Turquoise necklaces were worn without irony. It was right on the money for the new 'Urban Cowboy' trend."

4.) He's got a creative theory about the final episode. "The reactions around the tent were obvious: Leanne will be the hands-down winner." But Chris thinks otherwise. "My choice for the win? Korto. I think they might choose her because of her amazing story, and it would be controversial (and talked about forever) if Leanne doesn't win. I just see Korto as able and wanting to do what you have to do in the fashion world—become an adaptable interpreter for the current time, able to distill many influences, trends, facts and figures into something new.

Then again, AMNY just published pictures of Tim Gunn handing car keys to two different contestants, either one of whom could be the winner, and—spoiler alert—neither one is Korto. Click through to see who they are, but be warned: It's spoileriffic.
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