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Above The Fray: LeSportsac Sale "Blew Hard"

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Today's the first official day of the big LeSportsac sale on West 18th Street in Chelsea, but we've got an early report (and a ton of photos) from a VIP who dropped by for the invite-only preview yesterday. Let's just say, it's not looking good:

Just got back from the LeSportsac sample sale - “VIP” sneak preview of the sale that goes public tomorrow at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It really blew hard. Only the “Boutique” (cheap-looking patent-leather trim bags) “Mens” (boring black & gray briefcasey bags) and the Stella McCartney lines. And only 60% off, which means everything Stella is still over 100$. By the time we came out the entire line outside had disappeared as word got out. I asked a few different staff people, they all said, this was the cream of the crop. Boo. Last year’s LeSportsac sample sale was legendary. Cheap. Amazing. This sucked. Stay home.
Yikes. Maybe they'll cut prices further over the weekend?
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