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Project Runway Show: Denied!

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We did everything to get into the Project Runway show short of sneaking up behind a security guard, bonking him on the head, and disguising ourselves in his uniform, but in the end we were shut out. Our efforts did yield a ton of PR contestant sightings, however, including Chris March and season four's Steven, above, and Daniel and Wesley from this season (they're a couple.) If you want real-time updates, check out Nitroblog's Twitter feed. If you want reviews, check back here as they trickle in. And if you want to find out how Project Runway is handling a three-designer show at this point in the season, when there are six designers left, look after the jump.

Usually by the time Fashion Week rolls around, Project Runway has weeded out all but three contestants. This season, though, six designers are left: Jerell, Leanne, Kenley, Suede, Joe, and Korto. So which three are showing? From what we hear, all six. This means one of two things: Either the final competition will be rather crowded, or three poor designers had to spend months putting together a collection to show even though they’re not eligible to win. We suspect the latter, and actually, given that they still get to show at Bryant Park, we don't feel too bad for them.
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