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Above the Fray: Crazed Fans Swarm Target Bullseye Bodega in Soho

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At ten this morning, the doors opened at the Bullseye Bodega on Broome Street to a quiet mob of ten or so diehard Target enthusiasts. Within moments the crowd inside started to multiply drastically like a cancerous cell splitting out of control—by 10:10 there were lines several people deep at both the check-out and the dressing rooms.

Jonathan Saunders, Mossimo, Converse, Sigerson Morrison, makeup, and housewares all got about the same amount of attention. The packed room was a delight to a team of managerial-type Target flacks who were there to check out the success of the pop-up. One redshirt exclaimed to a Bodega worker, "Nice store you got here! And look at it—this place just opened!"
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Sigerson Morrison

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