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First Impressions: Zac Posen

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[Photos via WWD]

Now, from around the web, all the buzz that's fit to blog on last night's Zac Posen show:

1) WWD: "On Thursday Posen celebrated self-acceptance his favorite way, via high-voltage party attire. Sizzle it did — most looks were supercurvy or supershort — but he kept the mood soft and pretty with an ingenue pastel palette. The approach had a charming siren-meets-schoolgirl vibe, which Posen delivered with considerable polish, thanks in part to his newly tony fabrics. Some of the best dresses came in lamé or animal prints, even these gentled-up in pink and pistachio. And he showed some lovely goddess gowns as well."

2) The Cut: "We whipped out our tape recorder as a crush of bodies enveloped us. "It was a GREAT show, wasn't it?" [Zac] asked, beaming. "It was about form," he said, seeming eager to explain his vision to the audience that had gathered round. "We were creating the form of our ideal body onto the models, which had hips and ass and floating construction shapes on top. We made very sculptural shapes using the softest fabrics possible. It's desirability, lightness ? lipstick leopard!" (We love designer speak.)

3) IHT: "There is something about Posen's work that activates desire. Many of the outfits are overwrought - too many frills spilling down the front of a sugar-pink cocktail dress; too much going on; too many drapes on a bathing suit that looked like it could have been worn for synchronized swimming in the 1950s. Yet the show was joyous and upbeat, as though all those chunky beads on the front of a dress, the shoes with weirdly twisted heels and the floaty primrose yellow minigowns were harbingers of good party times."

4) Heard on the Runway: "Mr. Posen, regarded as a fashion wunderkind since he launched his first collection in 2001, unveiled his spring line Thursday night to a star-studded crowd that included bold-faced names such as Marisa Tomei, Claire Danes, Leighton Meester and both Serena and Venus Williams, just to name a few. Drawing from a largely muted palette of sorbet hues, Mr. Posen showed ruffled day dresses in pale lemon and pistachio and tailored separates such as polished shorts and pants with waists that resembled the tops of bunched-up paper bags."

5) AP: "Zac Posen is hard core when it comes to fashion. The spring collection he envisions included some dresses with an underlayer of Perspex, a type of acrylic plastic, creating a shell around the hips. The opening look on the runway was one of these tight top and stiff skirt numbers, this one in a tangerine color and with elaborate beadwork."