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Project Runway User's Guide: It's One Big Happy Family Reunion

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[Images via Bravo]

We're starting to wonder if the Project Runway producers aren't contractually obligated to bring back ever single former contestant ever before the season ends. That might explain last night's blitz of seasons past, in which a panel of old favorites—Daniel Vosovic! Kara Janx! Christian "runway show tonight" Siriano!—came back to advise the remaining contestants on garments they'd made with previously booted contestants. At this point, we're really just watching a season-long reunion show. So who won, who lost, and what surprised us even more than the mysterious continuing absence of second-season winner Chloe Dao? Our recap:

The challenge: Work with an eliminated designer to create an avant-garde look based on the astrological sign of someone on the team. This felt like some sort of cruel psychological experiment, especially once recently-booted Keith pointed out that his emotional state was "fragile."

Biggest surprise: Halfway through the episode, designers were informed via an America's Next Top Model-style note that not one but two of them would be eliminated. Then they all chanted "Love Tyra."

Worst attempted catchprase: "Holla at your boy" is still around. Um, for now. Sorry, that's a spoiler to a spoiler!

Feud of the week: As a team, Terri and Keith are a disaster. Keith says he's fragile and just wants to be the most helpful he can be. Terri says in that case he should count the pins on the floor. Wow. Eventually Tim has to chide them both. (Second place, by the way, goes to Heidi vs. Kenley, which got less screen time but was amazing. When Heidi told Kenley the boobs on her dress were too low, Kenley shot back "But that's where yours are!" She was defending her bustline, not calling Heidi Klum saggy, but it sure sounded like the latter.)

Most annoying contestant: Can we nominate the show's producers? While we are always happy to see Daniel Vosovic again, this whole blast-from-the-past thing is starting to look kind of desperate.

Best smackdown: Kors on Suede: "Excuse me. You're certainly not ready for this third person lingo."

This week's losers: Terri was booted for her trashy gold, suede-trimmed dress, which took the Leo thing far too literally, and our boy Blayne finally proved he's just not Christian Siriano with an "avant-garde" blush jumpsuit with neon fabric blossoming out of it like some kind of exotic mold.

This week's winner: Jerell, with a gold sequined top tucked into a high-waisted plaid skirt and topped with a jacket in contrasting plaid. We're not exactly saying that it looked like something from Marc Jacobs's show on Monday night—but it didn't not look like something from that show, either.

Designers who were robbed: Meh. Leanne and Emily's Scorpio dress was interesting, but we want to take points off for their hipster mean-girl behavior towards Kenley.