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Stunts: Ahava Mud Ladies Run Into Mystery Flock of Women in White

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We love the surreal scenes that take place when publicity stunts collide. This morning outside the tents, some fifteen to twenty models in Grecian white dresses were lined up facing the library steps. One had the word "Dolita" printed on her front, leading us to believe this had something to do with the Italian line. Suddenly, they all turned on their heels and walked away, followed by three nearly-naked ladies in bikinis covered in a thick layer of Dead Sea mud. These were representatives of the Israeli skincare line Ahava, which kindly e-mailed us this morning to explain that mud women would be "on display handing out brochures and product samples to fashion show guests and passersby."

While we were wondering if the Ladies in White were connected to the Mud Women—and sort of hoping none of the Dead Sea sludge would wind up on the white dresses—a minotaur walked by. Naturally.