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From the Tents: Designer iGoogle Really Just Google with a Makeover

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When something called iGoogle took over the rotating booth that used to house Boots and M&Ms, our brains exploded. Apple and Google secretly combined forces, produced some kind of super-gadget, and then decided to unveil it at New York Fashion Week? Well, no. The "i" in "iGoogle" doesn't stand for "made by Apple" but for "individual," as in "I am an individual and I want my Google homepage customized my way, with a design by Michael Kors." Kors and a host of other designers and celebrities—everyone from Gucci to Radiohead—have come up with themes for the iGoogle homepage, which is essentially a landing pad with widgets and RSS feeds you can set up to reflect your own interests. (It's actually existed since 2005; the only new part is the designer theme option.) Nice and all, but we kind of miss Boots.
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