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Getting Closer: Barneys Co-op Shutters for Sale Prep

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It's official: Barneys Co-op on West 18th Street and Eighth Avenue in Chelsea closed yesterday, beginning their prep period for the Warehouse Sale (aka Wonder of Wonders). We peeked in only an hour after the shuttering, and the progress is staggering.

As usual, expect plenty of Co-op brand shoes, clothing and accessories to be padding the Warehouse sale and distracting you from the plentiful Daryl K. and Costume National. All in all, Co-op will be closed for the sale until September 6, by which time we will have completely overdosed on discount Lanvin. If you happen to be on the west coast, well hallelujah to you: the Los Angeles Barneys Warehouse Sale begins today at the Barker aircraft hanger in Santa Monica!
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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