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Now Open: Gabriella Dresses MePa Brides

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Femia, 08/07/2008

We know wedding gown fatigue sounds like a ridiculously first-world ailment, but if you try on enough dresses, sooner or later the same styles are going to crop up. Gabriella, a new bridal boutique in the Meatpacking district, aims to solve this problem by carrying designers whose work can't be found anywhere else in New York—designers like Sassi Holford, for example, who hasn't spent much time focusing on the U.S. market because she's been too busy dressing Britain's royal family.

The store's owner, Gabriella Risatti, used to be a buyer for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, so she knows whereof she buys. And, somewhat radically for a wedding boutique, the store aims to be a relaxing, laid-back kind of place. The showroom projects a kind of sun-drenched minimalism which ought to soothe jangly bridal nerves, and the sales staff keeps pressure to a minimum. Gowns run $2000 to $11,000; the shop also carries veils and other headpieces.