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The Best and Worst Store Openings of Last Year?

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The L Magazine's "Best of New York" issue contains a list of the best and worst things to happen to New York's retail world since August '07. Best: Rogan, Thistle & Clover, Madewell, Aloha Rag, the Acne Studio, and THECAST. Worst: Blue & Cream, John Varvatos, and the Coach Legacy store. Predictable, maybe, but we can't really disagree.

We can, however, and do disagree with the following description of the iPhone 3G launch as New York's best unintentional public art exhibit: "Last year, in an impromptu citywide performance, lines formed outside Apple stores across New York as eager consumers lined up to purchase the iPhone. Many anticipated a reenactment of the piece this year, and while the lines weren't always as long — a typical wait ranged from 2-5 hours — they did last for seven days. This reference to the Bible was an obvious strategy by the artist to reflect the paradox of the awe inspired by the existence of such lines and the irritation on the part of waiting consumers." Seven days? Tell that to the people who waited outside the SoHo store for an hour this morning.
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