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Success Stories: Indy Butcher Staubitz Still Around

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The news lately has been full of long-standing independent butchers going dark—Kurowycky Meat Products in the East Village, A&S Pork Store in Park Slope, Quality Meat Market in Williamsburg. But not every neighborhood meat market is down for the count. One that rarely shows signs of flagging business is Staubitz Market on Court Street in Cobble Hill.

The small store, found by John Staubitz, has been at 222 Court since 1917 (a somewhat amazing fact when you consider that was the heart of World War I and Germans were hardly popular Stateside). It's been owned by the McFadden family for the past forty-plus years.

The McFaddens seem to have struck the right formula for success, if the long lines on weekends and holidays are any indication. They've kept all the nostalgic trapping of old-time merchantdom—ancient cash register, antique knives hanging behind the counter, tin ceiling—while staying up-to-date in their gourmet food offerings (Amy's Bread, exotic curries, fancy sauces, Steve's Key Lime Pie, etc.) Plus plenty of made-in-house meats, including organic stuff (for the health-conscious) and exotic fowl and game (for the decadent). An all-in-one Yuppie paradise! Of course, the main secret to the McFaddens success is the classic one: They own the building.Lost City
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