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Project Runway User's Guide: Sweating the Games with Apolo Anton Ohno

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Well, we were wrong. Based on the previews for this episode, we were convinced designers would have to dress the guest judge, speed-skater and five-time Olympic medalist Apolo Anton Ohno. This seemed a little sad, since Project Runway has already had one dress-the-famous-skater challenge, so we were quite relieved to find out that that Ohno was just there to add some Olympic flair. The actual challenge: Create a look the women of the U.S. team could wear during the opening ceremony of the summer games. Timely! Also: Surprisingly difficult! The full report:

Biggest surprise: No spandex! There's also a silver medalist in this category: When Tim Gunn told Blayne his white blazer was looking a little Sergeant Pepper, Blayne didn't know who that was. (Are we terribly naive to be surprised by this?) Also, a bronze medal goes to the unlikely fact that crazy Portland hipster Leanne was once a cheerleader.

Worst attempted catchprase: "Whackadoodle," an expression Suede has broken out twice now.

Feud of the week: Detroit dad Joe chewed out arty Brooklynite Daniel for re-threading his machine with red. Daniel said he didn't know it was Joe's machine, so Joe complained to the camera that "there's too much drama because there's too many queens around." Apolo Anton oh HELL no!

Most annoying contestant: Blayne, for announcing that he tans every other day. "In tanning, I'm an Olympic athlete," he says. "It only goes to bronze medal."

Best smackdown: "She's from the Republic of Cocktail Land," says Michael Kors about Daniel's decidedly non-Olympian sheath-clad model. Listen, say what you will about the RCL, but they take home the gold in beer pong every time.

This week's loser: Jennifer, whose circle skirt and blazer (both very Anthropologie) was deemed "stuck in the past."

This week's winner: Korto, whose wide-legged pants and white vest were a too little pajama-y for our taste.

Designers who cried: Jennifer got a bit moist, but this episode was mostly tear-free.

Designers who were robbed: Terri put together a very chic little ensemble with a striped navy blazer and a scarf—Olympian, athletic, and, you know, not pajamas.
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