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Raided: Police Don't Like the Smell of Canal

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It was an unusually quiet yesterday evening in Chinatown, and just as we were pondering this newfound ability to freely walk all over the sidewalk without toppling tourists from Tupelo, we ran right into a counterfeit raid. For a change, the police were not after Gooyard, Louis Wuitton or Goach; the store being gutted was a generic perfumer.

All along the sidewalk at Canal and West Broadway were paper bags packed full of counterfeit perfume boxes. You name it, it was stuffed into a sack and ready to be hauled. We're pretty sure we even spotted some Drakkar Noir peeking out from behind piles of Gaultier.

If you've ever dug through the rubbermaid tubs of this stuff in Herald Square (out of curiosity, we're sure), then this raid could be literally lifesaving. The production of counterfeit perfume is obviously unregulated, and urine is frequently used as a stabilizer. This is one solid argument for shopping at Macy's. With the way these raids are going, the only thing you may be able to safely buy on Canal will be those annoying wind-up swimming frogs.
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