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Sweating the Games: Retro T-Shirts and Space-Age Riding Boots

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Welcome to Sweating the Games, a new feature in which we follow the many Olympics tie-ins suddenly cropping up everywhere.

[Images via ASOS]

This may be our favorite attempt to capitalize on the approaching Summer Olympics: British online shopping site ASOS is selling retro t-shirts celebrating games from the past. The 1980 Russian Olympics shirt for women and the men's 1984 Sarajevo shirt are particularly well-designed, but they're all appealing.

Less appealing: Nike's riding boot, which attempts to update ancient leather-working techniques with all sorts of technological advances, like titanium spurs and "Air Zoom" cushions. Equestrians aren't big on change, and the reception hasn't been terribly positive. One web commenter called it "the stripper boot of the horse world."
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