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Inside the Pineapple Express Stolen T-Shirt Design Controversy

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First, Brooklyn designer WOWCH accused Pineapple Express star James Franco of stealing their t-shirt design in which a kitten pops out of the mouth of a great white. In Manhattan, WOWCH is carried at the Soho boutique I Heart, but Urban Outfitters sold their "Cat-in-a-Shark" tees in 2005. As the WOWCH blog puts it, "Here it is 3 years later and drug dealer bro in pothead movie supreme is wearing a faded grey t-shirt with the exact same concept on the shirt." In an earlier interview, Franco mentioned that his shirt was designed by Pineapple Express director David Gorden Greene, a claim that so angered WOWCH that they demanded retribution in the form of free movie passes and popcorn.

Today's New York Daily News quotes Franco as saying, "We completely created that shirt and that shark," so it looks like the WOWCH guys might have to pay to see the movie like everybody else. Of course, they took the design out of retirement, and since it goes for $25, only one measly hipster needs to buy the shirt for them to afford the price of admission.
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