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RackedWire: Zamir Furs Moving; Americal Apparel Hiring; MTA Selling Itself

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[Photo via Bowery Boogie]

SOHO—Zamir Furs, which used to occupy 90 W. Houston at West Broadway, has lost its lease. It'll survive in a new 38th Street incarnation. Says blogger Bowery Boogie, "I guess the West Village PETA crowd is somewhere rejoicing." [Bowery Boogie]

LOWER EAST SIDE—American Apparel will not rest until every last 22-year-old in New York is hawking spandex. Tomorrow's open call for employees takes place at their Lower East Side store at 183 E. Houston and lasts from 10am—6pm. [American Apparel]

NEW YORK CITY—The MTA is considering corporate sponsorship as a solution to its money problems. Says board member Norman Seabrook: "Imagine Disney coming in and painting the entire station and painting a yellow brick road and if you go through this exit you go see Tarzan or if you go through this exit you go see the Lion King." We're going to end up with a Topshop-themed Prince Street N/Q/R/W stop, aren't we? [AMNY]


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