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Drying Off: Dernier Cri Reopens After Renovation

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Shut down for renovations through July, MePa boutique Dernier Cri has reopened looking much like it did before it closed. Judging from the droplet sale sign on the door, "renovations" is code for "cleaning up from the flood in March."

The Great Scoop Flood '08, where pipes burst and flooded both the Scoop Street and Men's stores in March, obviously claimed neighbor Dernier Cri as another casualty. Whereas Scoop completed their renovations in April after a five-week closure, Dernier Cri instead wisely held out on theirs until the middle of the summer slow season.

A quick peek into the restored boutique revealed nothing especially new and noteworthy, save for the waves painted onto the front windows. Looks like they'll be here, sandwiched by Scoop and DvF, for a while yet.
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