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iPhrenzy: Lines Short, Stores Stocked

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The iPhrenzy really is petering out, friends. Waits for the new iPhone 3G, once upwards of four hours, have shrunk to about an hour. Supply seems strong. And soon, hopefully, there will be no lines. Until then, we'll keep bringing you availability reports. This morning's:

Apple Midtown
Line length: No line
Availability: Have all the models in right now
Color: "We're low on the 8 gig"

Apple Soho
Line length: One to two hours
Availability: They've got all models
Color: When's the best time to come if you want to buy a phone? "Probably now," says Apple staffer, laughing.

Apple MePa
Line length: One and a half hours
Availability: All phones in stock
Color: Come by "right now, as we'll probably be sold out by the end of the morning."