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Project Runway Sneak Peek: Get Ready for Lots of "Apolo Anton Ohnotheydidn't!" Jokes

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We like it when the Project Runway designers have sports-related challenges because the results are invariably insane. Remember the figure skating costumes for Sasha Cohen in season two? Or the WWE female wrestling outfits from last season? Tonight's assignment might not generate quite the level of sublime absurdity reached in the WWE episode, but it will almost certainly involve spandex: Nodding to the upcoming Olympics, the show asks each designer to come up with a skating outfit for judge and speed skating medalist Apolo Anton Ohno. In the clip above, Tim Gunn leads his charges to the Armory Track and Field Center, where they watch the as-yet-unnamed Ohno Rollerblade around the ring. Inline skating, by the way? Not an official Olympic sport. Were all the gymnasts busy or something?
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