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On Target: Chai Gets a Refill

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Since the weather has been so nice, we've been feeling generous. So yesterday evening we returned to the Jersey City Target, where the few measly Chai tank tops from over the weekend have blossomed into a whole crapdom of styles.

Of course the stores are being skimped on the most fashionable pieces. We found only two crinkly dresses, one plaid coat, one similarly plaid dress, and a few of those striped tanks shakily holding up Chai's vision. Otherwise there are enough solid T-shirts, borderline mom jeans and boxy suit jackets to challenge Sag Harbor for Sears.

The quality and success of Go International collections seem to be on an up-down wavelength. Where Rogan was great (flattering cuts, variety, celebrity buzz), poor Richard Chai now suffers. Need we remind you that Proenza Schouler once did their own Target stint, putting out their signature silky bustiers for $49.99? Those were the good times; perhaps one day we'll pass the story along to our grandchildren. Or not.
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