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Sweating the Games: High Design Meets Sports, Gives Us the Chanel Fishing Rod

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Welcome to Sweating the Games, a new feature in which we follow the many Olympics tie-ins suddenly cropping up everywhere.

[Images via Harper's Bazaar]

Resistance to all the Olympics hype is pretty much futile, so we might as well enjoy the spectacle. Today in London, the Victoria & Albert Museum opens a show called "Fashion V Sport." Among the expected outcomes of this epic mash-up—Stella McCartney for Adidas, e.g.—is one mind-boggling stand-out: The Chanel fishing rod. We're just going to repeat that: There is such a thing as a Chanel fishing rod. It costs $18,000. Also, and this we're just quoting verbatim because there is nothing to add: "For a slightly all-too real experience, the exhibition also recreates the scent of human bodies using chemicals, which is pumped throughout the space."

Even humble Canada is getting into the spirit of the games. Canadian store Hbc (which used to be the Hudson Bay Colony, and also used to own large swaths of the continent back in pre-colonial days) has made hoodies and t-shirts for the Canadian team. And down south, Brazilian designers Oestudio and local brand Olympikus have collaborated on the Brazilian team uniforms. We'd make a joke about the Italian teams arriving in head-to-toe Versace or the French teams in Dior, but Harper's Bazaar beat us to it with their Olympics fashion spread starring Lucy Liu.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Nike's plan to capitalize on the Olympics hype has hit a snag: It looks like the store won't open in time for the 8.08.08 deadline. The brand is now looking at August 16th for the full reveal.
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