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State of the Collabs: Target Jersey City Has It All

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The Chai has entered the building: Richard Chai's collection for Target is trickling onto the shelves ... at least in New Jersey. The official release date of the collection was yesterday, August 3, but we've already had the rumors of Chai's premature, cheapy arrival.

Our own visit to the Target Greatland in Jersey City was similarly disappointing, revealing only a few Chai stripey racerback tank tops amongst clearance Rogan items and some of the last Go! International private collection.

All this is bad news for fans of Richard Chai and of well-constructed clothing in general, but it's like heaven in there for those hungry for Botkier and the usual Isaac Mizrahi. The accessories department boasts two full endcaps of shiny Botkier clutches and bags, and venturing deeper into the PVC maelstrom we even encountered a large batch of über-discounted Gryson, now $9-$12!

Mizrahi's corner is plentiful, but looking like Delft porcelain mated with melamine only to birth twin sets. May we recommend passing it by in favor of digging though the clearance racks for the random Rogan leftovers, including cheetah-print shorts and even some of those button-down dresses.

Moving into housewares, it is pretty obvious that Jersey loves them some Sami Hayek. We half expected to see tumbleweeds roll through, his aisles were that bare. Thankfully, a little faux bois could still be found back in bedding, because what we were really after was Sami's wood. (Someone please give this poor kid a Wikipedia entry.)

In non-collab news, Target has fully embraced the whole eco-friendly totebag movement. We spotted four different Target-splattered designs and this is in addition to half of the accessory department, because aside from the Botkier and old Gryson, most of the other products were also reusable tote bags. The eco overtones continue in school supplies: recycled notebooks and pencil cases sport environmental slogans including the touchy "O.P.P. Other People's Paper." While the recycled message is clear, what is also evident is the reference to the classic, sexually-overt Naughty by Nature song. Get these notebooks before they are recalled, people.
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