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iPhrenzy: Plenty of White 16 Gigs For the Taking

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Sick of the iPhone 3G yet? Not us! Well, actually, we are just a tiny bit sick of it. Nonetheless, we soldier on. Your morning report on lines and phone availability:

Apple Midtown
Line length: None, thanks to the voucher system
Availability: They only have the 16 gig in white
Color: There are no deliveries on the weekends, which is why they're out. More will probably come in after noon today.

Apple Soho
Line length: Two to three hours
Availability: Do you have all the phones in stock? "Right now, yes we do."
Color: What is the best time to show up to get a voucher? "Early in the morning. Definitely before 10am."

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Two hours
Availability: "We have all the 16 gigs, none of the 8s"
Color: "Get here as soon as you can" to get a phone.