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Teary Shutter Signage: Nusraty Promises to Return to the Village

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After thirty years of peddling antique artifacts, jewelry, clothing and carpets, West Village shop Nusraty Afghan Imports is pulling down the shutter for good on August 10th. Of course, its primo corner storefront at West 10th and Bleecker won't sit vacant—expect to see Black Fleece signage in there very soon. The tale of Nusraty may not be over, though, as there are plans to relocate. Of course, this rather sedate sign has nothing on the comment the owner's son left on a previous post, which reads in part: "HE IS NOT RETIRING......we have plans to relocate within the Village. Currently looking at a few vacant stores within the area. 'Marc' my words, that Marc Jacobs and all others alike will not last in Greenwich Village! In a few years, many of those stores will be vacant!"
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