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Comic Book Superstar Designs Strand Totes

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Book nerds, get excited: The Strand bags designed by beloved graphic novelist Adrian Tomine are here. Tomine festooned the totes with the faces of Strandgoers, but he swears he didn't hang out in the bowels of the bookstore stalking photogenic shoppers. (So, uh, if you did indeed get a creepy vibe from a stranger in the review section recently, it wasn't anyone famous!) "I am by nature a people watcher, but in the case of this project, the faces were mostly imagined by me while sitting in my studio," he told Mediabistro's book blog. "It's always a dicey thing trying to draw unsuspecting strangers in public, and I wouldn't have wanted to cause any commotion in one of my favorite New York book stores."
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Strand Bookstore

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