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Derek Jeter's Gym Is Letting the People Down

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How can someone who looks so innocent break so many hearts? [Femia, 06/06/2008]

Nearly a month after we last posted a commenter rant about Derek Jeter's 24 Hour Fitness gym, another one has popped up. This time, the trouble isn't just the delay, but the gym's refusal to give our reader a refund after charging him for two months of membership.

I joined Jeter24 NYC on May 5, 2008 after I was told that the gym would be opened on June 28, 08. The gym is still not opened and the people at the gym told me either 8/6/08 or 8/7/07 as possible opening dates. When I called the main number to cancel my membership I was then told 8/31/08 as the opening date. Jeter24 has refused to refund me my initiation fee, stating that I had three days after joining to have this option. I explained to them that I was under the impression that the gym would open in June. I also said that I understood the possibility of some delay but not months of delay. I asked how would I have known after three days of joining that there would be such long delays. I asked to be refunded so that I can move on to another gym that is already in operation but was refused. It is so sad and disconcerting that a company that is named after such an important sports figure would treat a client with such disregard.
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