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Blue & Cream Owner's Life of Lampton Luxury

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There's so much gold contained in the pages of Irina Aleksander's Observer profile of Blue & Cream owner Jeff Goldstein it's hard to decide just what to highlight. Let's give it a shot, though. Here's how he approaches potential customers outside his Bowery boutique:

"Hey, guys! This is a great men’s and women’s clothing store!" he yelled at two stylish young women with designer handbags slung over their shoulders. “I know,” one of them said. She didn’t stop. “Oh, you do know,” Mr. Goldstein responded testily.
Kind of prickly there Jeff. Aleksander also notes that Goldstein hung up on her when she first contacted him. But he seems to warm to her eventually.

On his privileged New York City upbringing:

Sometimes, when “lamping” in the Hamptons à la Jay-Z, he sports sweatsuits and a baseball hat cocked to the side. “The Lamptons is a slang word that me and my friends used since we were like 10 or 11 years old going to the Hamptons on weekends,” he explained. “We would always be like, ‘We’re going to the Lamptons,’ meaning lounging in the Hamptons.”
But the man didn't stop at coining phrases for those who summer out East. Another innovation:
“I coined this whole mother-daughter thing, I love it!” he said excitedly. “It’s a mother and a daughter who are looking for something to spend time together on and it’s like, ‘Let’s go do a shop.’ It’s very nurturing because the mother wants the daughter to look good so that she can find a husband or look good at work.”
And there you have it.
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