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Shoppers, Salespeople Can't See Over Oak's Statement-Making Wall

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We love Oak in Williamsburg, but the store might want to invest in some stools. Advice columnist Judy McGuire recently tried to buy a pair of blue suede shoes at the boutique and discovered that neither she nor her not-very-tall salesgirl could see over the six-foot wall in front of the register:

Our salesgirl had disappeared with my shoes, so we headed to the counter. It was then that I noticed that the register is located behind a black wall, almost six feet high and seven or eight feet long! I attempted to go around it, but that move was quickly discouraged with a scowl. So I went to the opposite side of the wall from the sales chick, stood on my tippy toes—still couldn't see over—and yelped that I had a coupon! I held it high over my head.
It's probably a good thing that I couldn't see her face when I announced that. A tiny hand shot up and grabbed the coupon. "That'll be $80," I heard a voice say. I got back up on my toes and passed my credit card over the barrier.
What's the point of the wall? "It makes a statement," the cashier explained.
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