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Chelsea Will Lose Last Flea Market

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[Mirrors for sale at a West Side flea market. Image via Idealist/flickr]

Back in July of last year, a developer bought the home of the Antiques Garage, Chelsea's lone surviving flea market. At the time, we predicted that the market would survive, "though perhaps not in its current form." Well, we were right: Today, Crain's reported that rising rents have pushed it out of its home, thus rendering Chelsea totally flea-less.

The Garage will move to West 39th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues in Hell's Kitchen, where it will become one with the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, also owned by Antique Garage owner "Lord of the Fleas" Alan Boss. Boss has been shuffling his flea markets around through the morphing New York landscape for several decades now, which might explain why he sounds so remarkably calm: "The inevitability of change is guaranteed, but as the door to one opportunity closes, another one opens," he said about the move.
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