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Now Open: Comptoir des Cotonniers' Easy French Chic Arrives in Soho

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French clothing chain Comptoir des Cotonniers' first US store is finally open Spring Street. The boutique, which has been up and running since Saturday, is filled with simple but stylish womenswear in understated colors like plum, black, slate, khaki, chocolate and gray. The brand is owned by the same company as Uniqlo, and the two labels do have similarities, especially in their emphasis on affordable basics—most pieces were priced from $100 to $300. On our quick visit, we found at least two dresses, a crisp jacket and one sweater that we can't live without, so we expect the place will be popular with others as well. For more on Comptoir des Cotonniers, click over to The Shophound or read our early coverage of the store.